Ancient healer Nakh Choya Attar 10 ML

"DESCRIPTION Nakh Choya attar is extracted from white fragrant flowers of Citrus Bigardia plant. Smelling as fleshy ripen orange fruit, this crisp & clear attar is useful to boost conscious intellectual of the mind, while also helping in calming anger & panic attacks. Its relaxing properties also help in calming heartbeat and insomnia relate problems. Having a woody and florally smell, it is a classic ingredient in pharmaceutical & perfumery products. USES Nakh Choya Attar is used mainly as a flavouring agent and can also be used in the same way as oil of turpentine in chronic bronchitis cases. Non-irritant to kidneys, its pleasant aroma also helps in boosting conscious intellectual of the mind as well as in calming anger and panic attacks. Other than this, it has relaxing properties that help in calming heartbeat as well as insomnia relate problems."
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