Ancient healer Myrtle oil100ml

"DESCRIPTION Myrtle Oil is a pale yellow or yellow mobile liquid that has intensely fresh lemon-like odor with pleasant sweet-green undertone. Its odor is much cleaner & fresher than lemongrass oil and there are no grassy-fatty notes. The extracted oil blends well with whole range of essential oils and helps in fortifying natural defense of the body, providing very effective treatments from colds, bronchitis & fever. USES Myrtle oil is used for fortifying natural defenses of body and is very effective in treating colds, bronchitis & fever. Also used as aromatherapy oil, it is also used for alleviating effects of stress as well as is a great mood booster. Further, the oil is also effective in treating thyroid related problems and possesses antiseptic properties that is very effective in treatment of skin wounds & other skin conditions."
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