Ancient healer Honey suckle Attar 10 ML

"DESCRIPTION & USES Honeysuckle essential oil is very effective essential oils known for providing health benefits. It is originated from India where it is extracted by honeysuckle oil manufacturers in state of the art laboratories through steam distillation process. 100% pure honeysuckle oil is extracted from the flower part of the plant. Botanical name of honeysuckle essential oil is Lonicera Caprifolium. There are a number of honeysuckle oil suppliers who have been selling the oil as Lonicera Caprifolium essential oil. It is yellow to brown in color with pleasant aromatic odor. Woodwine, Goat's leaf, Dutch Honeysuckle, etc., are some common names of honeysuckle oil. In this way you can purchase honeysuckle oil at wholesale price from a reputed and selected supplier from the comfort of home. One of the main health benefits of using the pure natural essential oil is that it improves the psychic power, if it is rubbed slowly and in relaxed way on forehead. Antidepressant is the main therapeutic property that makes it an ideal essential oil."
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